Home Renovation Contractor In Lewisville, TX

Remodeling an existing property is an option which is being considered by a growing number of homeowners in Texas and elsewhere. If the current property is aged or worn, it is not as comfortable as a new house. It is less attractive when the surfaces are worn and dated. Instead of moving, why not consider renovation instead? Are you looking for information about a home renovation contractor in Lewisville, TX? If you need home renovation in the Dallas/Fort Worth area, Orion Renovation Inc has trusted contractors to best serve our customers throughout the area.

We serve homeowners, investors, financial institutions, property managers, and more looking for affordable, detail-oriented finishing and repair work in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. We pride ourselves on highly trained repair pros, as well as the focus we provide toward superior craftsmanship. Our portfolio contains customers ranging from homeowners to housing associations to banks and more. We serve the entire North Texas region.

We deliver efficiency and reliability without sacrificing affordability. Our highly trained remodeling and repair teams go through a background check to ensure peace of mind for each customer. Our work is bonded and insured so you can be sure of worksite safety.

Orion operates with a strong work ethic and we handle every remodeling or repair project with conscientious professionalism. Whether you need a fence in your back yard replaced, or you need to redo your residential bathroom, we can ensure that you get the best available staff to complete your project correctly. Customer service which is superior is another mission of the company. We want every client to be satisfied with remodeling and repair projects conducted by our team. We are confident that our work will leave your property in much better shape than it was when we arrived.

Local residence repair is the most popular specialty service which we perform. We were founded as a firm which exclusively dealt with renovating local bank foreclosed homes. Over time, we have expanded our service to reach a larger number of clients, include business to homeowner services who need refinishing and repair work around the home. Our work enhances everyday comfort and convenience. At the same time, we serve home investors, performing professional services such as drywall and tile repairs, as well as carpet and furniture installation.

The top bathroom remodeling contractor in DFW is ready to help you with your renovation needs. Call 214-533-5963 today for a free estimate!

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